Here are links to some local and international resources and data sources of relevance to the practice of internal audit. The list is only indicative. Members are therefore encouraged to share links to any interesting sites with the site administrator so we can also publish them for the benefit of our Members.

Public Accountability & Compliance in Ghana

The Internal Audit Agency of Ghana
The Agency is the regulator-in-fact of the internal audit function within the Public Service of Ghana including local government administration. It is Government's advisory body on the institution of the practice of internal auditing in all statutory bodies, government ministries and departments. The IAA closely collaborates with the IIA Ghana to ensure that professional practices are maintained at a high standard at all times.
Parliament of Ghana
The is the portal of Ghana's Legislature. The Hansards, Bills associated with prospective legislation, Select Committee reports among others are available on this site.
Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition
Some key & relevant governance and accountability legislation are accessible from this website. This Coalition is a public-private-partnership network of civil society NGOs and other public or statutory entities dedicated to the advocacy and support to the cause of eliminating or combating corruption in Ghana and improving national and institutional governance.
The Ghana Local Government Administration Portal
This is the official portal for the local government administration of all districts in Ghana. The administrative districts constitute a huge holding of internal concern as a significant amount of public sector expenditure for development projects, health, education and other social services occurs in the largely decentralised Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs)
Government of Ghana Official Portal
This is the official portal of the Government of Ghana. It contains links to key public sector agencies in Ghana as well as information and downloadable resources such as laws, regulations etc.

The Institute-at-Large

Some Key Partners of IIA