Our Services as an Institute

Agenda with Stakeholders

We are committed to providing innovative services to enrich the professional experiences of our Members. These services include, but are not limited to,

  • Development of Members - improving the skills and professional practice of our Members. This includes keeping our members in tune with current trends associated with the profession
  • CIA Learning System - facilitating access to the CIA learning system as well as associated IIA qualifications to pave the way for growing our pool of Certified Internal Auditor or any of the associated professional designations of the IIA
  • Reciprocal Services to International Members resident in Ghana- providing reciprocal membership support services to members of IIA Global or any of the national institutes who are resident in Ghana or visiting Ghana. It is expected that those who relocate permanently will apply for the appropriate category of membership and transfer their membership station to IIA Ghana.
  • Education & Continuous Professional Development - we organise training programmes, workshops, speaker series on topical issues on a regular basis. We also collaborate with private and public sector partners to implement joint programmes.
  • Membership Administration & Services - The Institute, as a full affiliate member institute of IIA Global, supports duly registered members in administering basic services associated their membership and relation with IIA Global. This includes annual international subscription, supply of publications, support for CIA examination registrations, access administration among other things.
  • Advocacy & Public Interface - promoting the Institute and the internal audit profession actively in Ghana to all stakeholders including Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, governing boards, sister professional associations, academia and training institutions associated with internal audit training.

We welcome all those practising Internal Audit in Ghana to be Members of the Institute. Indeed, the primary purpose of IIA Ghana’s membership strategy is to support Internal Auditors to become better and effective contributors of value to corporate governance. To complement the IIA’s international requirements of eligibility for membership, various classes of membership are available for prospective members. Corporate Memberships are also available for institutions.

The requirements of ELIGIBILITY for membership are based on the International requirements but take into account the local conditions in Ghana. The Membership Services Committee is responsible for the determination of the class of membership of an applicant. Requests submitted by the Membership Committee for consideration are subject to the approval of the Governing Council. Whatever your background, we believe you will find an appropriate category of membership that will suit your need. The Institute reserves the right of admission to membership.

IIA Ghana brings you several BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP:

  • Guaranteed opportunity receive professional support to make you be a better Internal Auditor;
  • Automatic membership of the IIA Global Family
  • Access to professional development services and learning materials;
  • Networking, Mentoring Support & Experience Sharing with others to enhance their capacity.
  • Opportunity to contribute to, or benefit from, the development of the Internal Audit profession further through research, training, development of advisory notes.

All applicants are expected to complete the membership application form and submit to the Secretariat with the requisite documentation for consideration by the Membership Services Committee - Please see the options below and then choose the best way (see the pane on the right) to begin your process.

Effective March 2012, the following CLASSES OF MEMBERSHIP recommended by the Governing Council were approved for immediate implementation

  • Full Member (voting rights): An applicant will qualify as a full member in either of the following cases; Any person holding the designation CIA or similar IIA designation; Any person holding a professional qualification in accounting, auditing or other fields; Any person with a minimum university level Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent qualification with a minimum of two years practicing experience in Internal Auditing or related field eg External Auditing
  • Affiliate Member (no voting rights): This class of membership shall be open to any person who has a degree or professional qualification in any discipline and is not directly practicing Internal Auditing and wants to maintain an affiliation with IIA Ghana
  • Student Member (no voting rights): The class of Student Member shall be open to those currently engaged in Part Time or Full Time study of Internal Auditing in any tertiary institution who would want to be associated with the Institute On successful completion of the course of study, the student member must apply to be upgraded to the appropriate membership class
  • Retired Members (voting rights): This class of Retired Member shall be open to those who retire from active employment and who are fully paid up members at the time of their application for this class of membership.
  • Honorary Membership (no voting rights): This class of membership shall be confined to those persons approved by the Governing Council in recognition of outstanding service to the profession or to the Institute of Internal Auditors.
  • Corporate Membership (voting rights): Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Metropolitan and District Assemblies and other Corporate Bodies (Public & Private) can register for Corporate Membership. This class of membership allows their individual Internal Auditors to participate in special IIA programs designed specifically to meet their unique needs. The individual Internal Auditors will have access to professional standards, training and discounted products. Each Corporate member may designate one voting representative.